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Tornadoes Kill

At Early Alert our mission is to “Provide products and services to help our clients preserve life.” That’s why we developed tornadoAlert

  • NASA-validated technology
  • Battery backup
  • Bright strobe alert
  • Loud warning alert
  • Easy home install
  • Plug and protect

Real Time Alerts – 95% Accuracy

Current technology can tell you that there’s a twister in the vicinity. However, rapid changes in the tornado’s position are not reported in real time. Moving at 60 mph, that tornado may now be 20 miles closer to you and your family – giving you less time to respond. Current warnings are only 25% accurate so many people ignore them. But now with tornadoAlert you can have a severe weather alarm in your own home that accurately identifies when a tornado is coming towards you. In real time.

Accurate Round the Clock Protection

But unlike current warning devices, tornadoAlert is independent of radio, television, cellular or power transmission systems during severe weather. It detects storm activity right from your own home, and if there is a power outage it continues to protect you on battery backup for almost 24 hours.

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