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Oregon scientific weather station uses the MSN Direct service to receive regional weather information without the use of any outdoor sensors. For the first time, weather enthusiasts can get real-time, 3-day weather forecast information, including the chance of precipitation. By just plugging in the weather station within specified MSN Direct coverage areas, users can receive regional wind, rain, temperature, humidity, rain level with last 24-hour history, sunrise and sunset time, moon phase, UV index and even NWS warning information from MSN Direct’s FM signals. MSN gathers weather data with MSN Direct weather data service for more than 100 metropolitan areas in North America. MSN sends that weather data to radio towers across North America. Radio towers transmit weather information across its regional coverage area. This regional weather station receives those FM signals every 2 minutes and translates those signals into complete, accurate, real-time weather information. This weather station features radio-controlled time update with DST adjustment, dual 2 minute daily alarm with user selectable crescendo beeping or polyphonic melody format, 8 minute snooze function and time zone settings. This digital weather station gives information about 3 days of weather forecast with description, Hi/Lo temperature and probability of precipitation. Within minutes of buying your complete regional weather station, you can receive weather information for your area! Just plug in the unit and wait for the signal to be received. This weather forecast station provide details about indoor environment: Indoor temperature and humidity with trend indicator, comfort level, Max/Min indoor temperature and humidity memories.

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